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Genetic disorders are the disorders which are caused due to changes in the Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) sequence other than the original sequence. These changes can occur due to many reasons, the major one is mutation in multiple genes. There are other factors also such as environmental factors or ruining of the chromosome due to some chemical exposure, smoking, UV rays produced by the sun leading to UV exposure. Genetic disorders takes place when the genetic information in our body is incorrect.

The genes are transmitted to the children by their biological parents. Genes are the reason why every human is unique. The mutated gene can be inherited either by one parent or by both the parents.

Homeopathy has proven to cure the passage of genetic diseases in our children.
Plant extracts have the tendency to boost expression of genes in a specific manner. Plant and tissue extracts have seen to interfere with the gene activity required to bring out changes in a positive manner. Homeopathic substances are able to target gene and rectify it for proper functioning and well being. Homeopathic therapies act directly on the genetic structures and intensifies specific gene manifestations. Homeopathic treatments are very natural and cost effective. Homeopathy is the effective use of medical practice that helps in the treatment of a disease by giving little doses of natural substances. The practitioners of homeopathy are known as homeopaths.  It is important to know about the function of genes affected by various homeopathic treatments. With the help of such homeopathic treatments we can stop the genetic disorders to seep in our children’s genetic code. Use of homeopathic treatments can improve the health of the patients suffering from genetic disorders in whom classical treatments have failed to produce any results.

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