Best Homeopathy Clinic Malad West

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Best Homeopathy Clinic Malad West

Dr. Sarran Arora:~

A safe, progressive system of medicine, homeopathy works miracles. With over 25 years of experience, Dr Sarran Arora is not only a homeopathic practitioner but also an educator. With a focus on patient care and success, Dr. Arora believes in working together with her patients to treat them and help them develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle for better living.

Why Choose Homeopathy?

A holistic approach to care

In homeopathy, each patient is considered as unique. The treatment includes an assessment of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of the person.

Safe and free of side effects

Homeopathic medicines are natural, non-toxic and harmless and do not have any adverse side effects. They are prepared from minute amounts of herbs, minerals and animal products.

Looks beyond the disease

Homeopathy looks beyond the disease to cure their causes rather than symptoms. It stimulates the body�s own natural healing powers to bring health, vitality

Low-cost treatment

Homeopathic medicines are less expensive than conventional prescription drugs as they are generic, non-patented and produced at low costs.

A complete system of medicine

Homeopathic medicines are aimed at improving the level of health by stimulating the self-regulatory mechanism achieving results considered impossible .

An effective treatment

In both acute and chronic conditions, homeopathic treatment is an effective method of healing. For most ailments, it may even offer a long-lasting cure, treating the disease from its roots.


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Akshita Goyaln
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Dr Sarran ma'am is really good. I went to her for my tonsilitis and the medicines really helped me and within two days, I recovered completely. Would definitely recommend her for everyone.
A S Monga
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As Dr. She's the best and highly knowledgeable in medical field. Talks like a perfect healing Dr. In a highly motivated and comforting way. I was suffering FROM UTI/BPH since June 2017, twice admitted in hospital, treatment starting from course of ten injections in three days followed by regular medicines. Under her treatment & guidelines for about two & half months I am cured & normal.
Amit Kumar Sikri
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Dr Saran is a great doctor as she was able to resolve a health issue which I had been facing for quite some years and inspite of showing to specialist orthopedic the issue was still there. Because of lockdown I couldn’t get the meds she prescribed but she advised use of Household items for temporary relief and with few days of usuage my pain was gone and I am able to walk without pain for long distance. Thanks to her for providing consultancy online.